Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer - Advanced IMS

  • High-resolution IMS instrument
  • Intuitive software control
  • Trace gas analysis
  • Liquid analysis
  • Surface analysis
  • Combination with other separation techniques
  • Corona Discharge ionization source
  • Selective reactant ions formation
  • Positive & negative ion modes
  • Capillary sample inlet
  • Additional sampling techniques
  • Operation at atmospheric and sub-atmospheric pressures

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Trace Gas Detection

Advanced IMS is able of operation at atmospheric or sub-atmospheric pressures. The capillary sample inlet allows simple detection of trace…

Solids and Surface Analysis

Two different Surface Sampling Methods have been developed for Advanced IMS. These methods are based on the desorption of the…

Liquid Analysis

Liquid sampling module (LSM) allows simple analysis of liquids with IMS. The main advantages of this sampling technique are:- wide…

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