compact ion mobility spectrometer

OEM IMS Module

compact advanced ion mobility spectrometer front view

MaSaTECH OEM-IMS Module is full power analytical instrument. The module is ideal for users who have interest to integrate IMS to them solution. The OEM Advanced Ion mobility spectrometer offers wide range of setups. It is ideal for users, who are interested in powerful analytical instrument with requirement on integration. The OEM-IMS Module presents all advantages of ion mobility spectrometry technique. All operation parameters are fully adjustable by the user, making this instrument suitable for integration to various analytical applications as well like for clean room monitoring in semiconductor industry.

Main advantages of OEM-IMS Module are:

  • Non-radioactive plasma ionization source
  • High sensitivity
  • High resolving power
  • Operation at atmospheric and sub-atmospheric pressures
  • Integrability

OEM Ion Mobility Spectrometer is designed for:

  • Fast and remote monitoring of processes
  • Interface to Gas Chromatograph or to Multi Capillary Column Gas Chromatograph
  • Trace gases detection
  • VOC/TOC monitoring
  • Total acids analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Indoor/Outdoor air quality monitoring
  • Chemical analysis
  • Research laboratories