ion mobility mass spectrometry


Advanced Ion mobility spectrometer with MCCGC and Autosampler


The combination of Multi Capillary Column GC (MCCGC) with ion mobility spectrometer makes this instrument excellent for analysis of liquid and solids samples via the headspace technique. The 2D separation of PeakMachine is based on GC RetentionTime and ion mobility information of each compound.

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  • 2D analysis of complex matrix
  • Machine learning classification
portable advanced ion mobility spectrometer

Portable Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer - PAIMS

Portable AIMS is small compact analytical instrument. The AIMS engine, AIMS control unit, two digital mass flow controllers and pressure controller are integrated in the box. The Portable Advanced Ion mobility spectrometer offers wide range of setups. It is ideal for users, who are interested in powerful analytical instrument with requirement on portability. The PAIMS presents all advantages of ion mobility spectrometry technique.

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• Non-radioactive plasma ionization source
• High sensitivity
• High resolving power
• Portability


OEM IMS Module

The module is ideal for users who have interest to integrate IMS to them solution. It is ideal for users, who are interested in powerful analytical instrument with requirement on integration.

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  • Non-radioactive plasma ionization source
  • Total acids analysis
  • Integrability
confugurable advanced ion mobility spectrometer

Configurable AIMS

Configurable Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer (AIMS) is an excellent tool for monitoring fast processes with high sensitivity requirement. In addition to detection of volatile and semi-volatile compounds, our IMS is the only one in the field witch is suitable for solids analysis and surface analysis.

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The high performance Corona Discharge ion source outperforms the conventional ions sources used in IMS and the high ion current is responsible for the ultra-high sensitivity of the advanced ion mobility spectrometer.

control software for ion mobility spectrometer


The MaSaTECH control software was developed for easy and intuitive control of Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer. The software allows to manage all AIMS parameters like polarity, temperature, pressure, drift field intensity, shutter grid pulse width, number of spectra for dynamic averaging, AIMS duty cycle and many others. The software allows data acquisition in drift time mode or in reduced mobility mode.

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• Intuitive AIMS control
• 2D analysis
• Peeks track function
• Data Post Processing
• Open source code

zero air generator air purification system

Zero Air Generator
+ Air Purification System

The zero air generator and Air purification system were developed in order to secure high purity drift gas for continuous and long term operation of the advanced ion mobility spectrometer. Our purification systems significantly reduce operating costs, improving sensitivity and resolution of the instrument.

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Zero air generator is, with its maximum gas flow 3L/min and contaminants concentration below 1ppm, able to supply two AIMS instruments at the same time.

MaSaTECH support and care service

The philosophy of our company is to listen carefully to our partners’ needs. The intensive two day training on Ion mobility spectrometry technique is included in each instrument. As a Research Company we focus on creating strong partnership between us and our customers. For this reason we are ready to quickly support our partners via email, WhatsApp or Skype communication. It is our pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with our partners.

masatech support care service