ion mobility spectrometry

Trace Gas Detection

gas detector

Advanced IMS operates at atmospheric or sub-atmospheric pressures. The capillary sample inlet allows simple detection of trace compounds in the gas phase. The sample inlet allows combination with additional sampling techniques:

  • Capillary inlet for trace gas analysis
  • Sample gas flow control
  • Headspace sampling
  • Easy interface to separation techniques like GC and MCCGC

The AIMS instrument offers fast response (ms - s range ) and high sensitivity (ppb-ppt range). The AIMS can be used for direct attach of the sample in front of capillary, for headspace sampling, for monitoring the ambient air or for online monitoring processes.

chemical analysis
chemical analysis graph
Direct attachment of Betmiga pill and mirabegron response in negative polarity (molar mass 396.506 g/mol).

Alkanes Detection

MaSaTECH also offers custom solutions for trace gases detection. One of such applications is the detection of alkanes. The detection of alkanes is challenging due to the fact that their proton affinity is lower than water, which makes proton transfer reaction ineffective. MaSaTECH developedthe technique which allows detection of alkanes at the ppb level.

alkane graph
Detection 150ppb of n-pentane (concentration 150 ppb)

PAIMS as a detector for Agilent GC

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Application report: Fast Quantification of Whisky Lactone in Oak Wood