Advanced ion mobility spectrometry

ion mobility mass spectrometry

Main Areas

  • Fast monitoring of processes
  • Product quality control
  • Volatile organic compounds monitoring
  • Indoor/Outdoor air quality monitoring
  • Analysis of solids and surfaces
  • Explosives detection
  • Drug quality control
  • Chemical analysis
  • Combination with other separation techniques
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Main Advantages

- Highest resolving power and sensitivity
- Non-radioactive plasma ionization source
- Full control of all operation parameters
- Operation in atmospheric or in sub-atmospheric pressure
- Sophisticated sample inlet

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gas detector

Trace Gas

Advanced IMS is able of operation at atmospheric or sub-atmospheric pressures. The capillary sample inlet allows simple detection of trace...

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surface and solids analysis

Solids and
Surface Analysis

Two different Surface Sampling Methods have been developed for Advanced IMS. These methods are based on the desorption of the...

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liquid analysis


Liquid sampling module (LSM) allows simple analysis of liquids with IMS. The main advantages of this sampling technique are...

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Blog & News

New product Multi Column Capillary Gas Chromatography – Ion Mobility Spectrometry

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Fast quantification of whisky lactone in oak wood by ion mobility spectrometer

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Online coupling of microchip electrophoresis with ion mobility spectrometry for direct analysis of complex liquid samples

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