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MaSaTECH has grown on university background and was founded in 2013, with the purpose to provide high sensitivity, real time detection and analytical instrumentation. The company developed the Advanced IMS spectrometer. The high performance Corona Discharge ion source outperforms the conventional ions sources used in IMS and the high ion current is responsible for the ultra-high sensitivity of the Advanced IMS. In addition to the Advanced IMS, we developed several sampling modules, which allow sampling, analysis and detection of chemical compounds in the gas solids and liquid phases.

Our Office

Bajkalská 5/B
831 04 Bratislava
Billing address: MaSa Tech, s.r.o., Sadová 3018/10, 916 01 Stará Turá, Slovakia
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Our Vision

MaSaTECH is a Research Company with a strong focus on all areas of Ion Mobility Spectrometry technique. We are interested in R&D of high resolution and high sensitivity IMS products for various fields of use. Our interest is to share our skills and knowledge from IMS field with our partners. As an original equipment manufacturer we can easily customize and tune our products for specific application, which meets our vision to bring the ion mobility spectrometry technique beyond the limits of possible.

MaSaTECH vision

Our Team

Martin Sabo, PhD.

Martin is the head of R&D and the founder of MaSaTECH Company. He defended his dissertation thesis in construction of Corona Discharge Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometer at Comenius University in 2010. He has been working with IMS technique for more than 12 years. Martin is the author of more than 35 research papers in the fields of ion mobility spectrometry, mass spectrometry and analytical chemistry. After finishing his PhD. he started focusing on improving the plasma ionization source on ion mobility spectrometer. His work at the University was focused on research and its transfer to real applications.

Prof. Štefan Matejčík

Štefan is the co-founder of MaSaTECH Company. He is the author of more than 230 publications. The main areas of his work are ion mobility spectrometry, mass spectrometry, analytical chemistry and plasma chemistry. He is the head of the Department of Experimental Physics, Comenius University. He strongly participates in R&D projects and bridging R&D cooperation between University and MaSaTECH.

Katarína Jatzová, PhD.

Katarína studied chemistry since 2005. She graduated master degree from food-chemistry and biotechnology. She defended her PhD. thesis in chemistry at Comenius University in 2017. Katarina joined our team after finishing her PhD. Her main areas are analytical chemistry, methodology and sample treatment.

Silvia Takáčová

Silvia finished her master degree from management at Economic University in 2013. She joined MaSaTECH Company in 2017. She is responsible for logistics and communication with our partners.