compact ion mobility spectrometer

MCCGC-AIMS PeakMachine

compact advanced ion mobility spectrometer front view

The PeakMachine allows two dimensional separation of volatiles compounds presented in complex matrix. The combination of Multi Capillary Column GC (MCCGC) with ion mobility spectrometer makes this instrument excellent for analysis of liquid and solids samples via the headspace technique. The 2D separation of PeakMachine is based on GC RetentionTime and ion mobility information of each compound. The PeakMachine operates in atmospheric as well like in subatmospheric pressure. The Peak Machine offering the ion mobility spectrometer with best parameters in the field. The IMS working temperature 30-140 °C and resolving power up to 100 FWHM makes this instrument appropriate for analysis of flavors and odors presented in complex matrixes. The Peak Machine also allows plugin of dopant gas (Reactant ions modifier) to IMS what increase the selectivity of instrument for targeted compounds (for example lactones). In combination with machine learning classification techniques integrated to our software is PeakMachine excellent for quality control in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

Main advantages of PeakMachine are:

  • Non-radioactive plasma ionization source
  • High sensitivity
  • High resolving power
  • Operation at atmospheric and sub-atmospheric pressures
  • Highest working temperature in the field
  • Compatibility with any auto sampler
  • Machine learning classification

PeakMachine is designed for:

  • 2D analysis of complex matrix
  • Classification of analyzed compounds
  • Food, beverages, chemical industry………
  • VOC/TOC analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Research laboratories

PeakMachine working parametrs:

Working pressure
600-1200 mbar
Working temperature
30-140 °C
Resolving power N2/Air
90/100 FWHM
Low ppb
Drift gas flow
500-1200 ml/min
Sample gas flow
2-500 ml/min
Drift field intensity
200-560 V/cm
Ionization source
Corona Discharge
Power supply
250V / 24V
Dimensions (mm)
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CASE STUDY: Using Ion Mobility Spectrometry to Determine the Origin of Wine

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CASE STUDY: Coffee classification by Ion mobility spectrometry

In this presentation we demonstrate the perfect ability of PeakMachine for coffee quality classification.

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