zero air generator

Zero Air Generator And Air Purification System

The zero air generator and Air purification system were developed in order to secure high purity drift gas for continuous and long term operation of the advanced ion mobility spectrometer. Our purification systems significantly reduce operating costs, improving sensitivity and resolution of the instrument.

zero air generator front view

Zero air generator

Zero air generator is, with its maximum gas flow 3L/min and contaminants concentration below 1ppm, able to supply two AIMS instruments at the same time. The generator is composed of rechargeable cartridges that can be easily regenerated and reused. The colour indicator shows the condition of the scrubbers. The zero air generator contains: compressor, cooling system, water condenser, membrane dryer and set of air purifiers.

air purification system

Closed circuit Air purification system

This module continuously refilters the AIMS working gas in the closed circuit. The refiltered air with contaminants concentration bellow 0.5ppm is excellent for long term continuous work of AIMS. Three indicators show the condition of all three scrubbers. Rechargeable cartridges can be easily regenerated and reused.