compact ion mobility spectrometer

AMC-AIMS Airborne Molecular Contamination Device


Airborne Molecular Contamination AIMS detector was developed by MaSaTECH in order to detect pollutants at concentration below 100 ppt. The instrument is excellent for 24/7 Ammonia monitoring, Amines monitoring, Total Acids monitoring as well like for selective acids (HCl, HF, Cl2…) monitoring.

The AMC-AIMS is non radioactive Ion Mobility spectrometer that covers all requirements for clean room monitoring. The integrated PC allow instrument to work as stand alone device or can be independently controlled by TCP/IP port. The multiport sampling is also possible by this device.

The integrated sampling pump making operation of the instrument more easy as it is enough just to plugin a CDA and room monitoring can start.

Advanced AMC-AIMS Integration with Mass Flow Controller and Pressure Sensor

Except other features have AMC-IMS integrated also mass flow controller and pressure sensor for IMS drift tube. This allows absolute control of target peak position and no peak position shifts.


  • Real time detection and quantification
  • Total Acids, Chlorides, Ammonia and Amines Etch process - Real time acids monitoring
  • Lithography - Real time ammonia and amines monitoring
  • Clean room - Real time AMC monitoring


As a comprehensive air contamination monitoring device, the AMC-AIMS offers the highest sensitivity, enabling detection of pollutant levels lower than 100 ppt.

  • Non radioactive ion mobility spectrometer
  • Highest sensitivity < 100 ppt
  • Possibility of multipoint analysis
  • High selectivity possibility to distinguish individual acids
  • High peak position stability


  • Non radioactive
  • All accessories integrated including sampling pump and process PC

AMC-AIMS is not just another air contamination monitoring device; it’s a cutting-edge solution designed for precision and reliability.