ion mobility spectrometry

Airborne Molecular Contamination

Airborne Molecular Contamination AIMS detector was developed by MaSaTECH in order to detect pollutants at concentration below 100 ppt. The instrument is excellent for 24/7 Ammonia monitoring, Amines monitoring, Total Acids monitoring as well like for selective acids (HCl, HF, Cl2…) monitoring.

Ammonia detection by AMC-AIMS

gc detector
Ammonia 0.9 ppb = IMS response 0.16 nA

Ammonia 0.18 ppb = IMS response 0.13 nA
ion mobility spectrometry gas chromatography
Ammonia concentration 0.36 ppb

Ammonia concentration 0.18 ppb
gc detector
Linear fitting for measured data 0.18-30 ppb

Linearity 99.7% LOD < 100pp

The AMC-AIMS can distinguish even small deference in Ammonia concentration.
T10<120s T90<120s

Acids detection by AMC-AIMS

The SO2 is frequently used as a reference for Total Acids monitoring. Due to various ionization efficiency of each acid are other acids detected by IMS referred to term Total Acid. The AMC-AIMS can be used for Total Acids monitoring or for selective acids monitoring.

gc detector
SO2 response
ion mobility spectrometry gas chromatography
Linearity 99%, LOD < 200ppt T10 < 60s, T90<60s