compact ion mobility spectrometer

Compact Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer AIMS

compact advanced ion mobility spectrometer front view

Compact advanced ion mobility spectrometer is a benchtop analytical instrument that offers all advantages of AIMS technique. The Compact AIMS reaching the resolution 90 FWHM, sufficient for separation of nearly all isomeric compounds. The ion mobility spectrometer is assembled by corona discharge as plasma ionization source. The plasma ionization source offers significantly higher ion yield, which improves the sensitivity of IMS technique.

The advanced ion mobility spectrometer works in positive and negative polarity under atmospheric or sub atmospheric pressure. All operation parameters of this instrument are optional and easily adjustable by the user. The sophisticated sample inlet allows this instrument to be used for trace gases detection as well as for analysis of solids and surfaces. The standard 1/16” connectors are excellent for simple plugin of gas chromatograph, multi capillary columns gas chromatograph, membrane inlet or dopant.

The advanced features like fast response, sensitivity and resolution of Compact AIMS make it excellent for:
  • Research
  • Fast monitoring of processes
  • Product quality control
  • Volatile organic compounds monitoring
  • Trace gases detection, gas detector, gas analyzer
  • Analysis of solids and surfaces
  • Explosives detection
  • Drug quality control
  • Interface to Gas Chromatograph or to Multi Capillary Column Gas Chromatograph
  • Enviromental monitoring
  • Indoor/Outdoor air quality monitoring
  • Chemical analysis
  • Material analysis