ion mobility spectrometry

Configurable Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer AIMS

Configurable Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer (AIMS) is an excellent tool for monitoring fast processes with high sensitivity requirement. In addition to detection of volatile and semi-volatile compounds, our IMS is the only one in the field witch is suitable for solids analysis and surface analysis. The AIMS from MaSaTECH can easily achieve the resolution of up to 90 FWHM (full width half maximum), which makes it an instrument with highest resolving power in the field.

The high performance Corona Discharge ion source outperforms the conventional ions sources used in IMS and the high ion current is responsible for the ultra-high sensitivity of the AIMS. It is a perfect solution for those who need specific layout of all AIMS components. The main components of Configurable AIMS are Engine and Control Unit. Individual parts may be spaced at a distance of 0.5-2m.

The Configurable AIMS is designed for:

  • Fast and remote monitoring of processes
  • Product quality control in industry
  • Volatile organic compounds monitoring
  • Trace gases detection, gas detector
  • Analysis of solids and surfaces
  • Explosives detection
  • Drug quality control
  • Interface to Gas Chromatograph or to Multi Capillary Column Gas Chromatograph
  • Research laboratories
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Indoor/Outdoor air quality monitoring
  • Chemical analysis

Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer AIMS - Engine

The AIMS-Engine is a precisely constructed OEM product. The advanced ion mobility spectrometer is assembled by nonradioactive plasma ionization source which significantly improves the sensitivity of ion mobility spectrometry technique. The resolving power of up to 90 FWHM (full width half maximum), makes it an instrument with the highest resolution in the field. The AIMS is, thanks to its sophisticated sample inlet and laser diode module, the only instrument in the field suitable also for analysis of solids and surfaces. The AIMS is designed for easy interface to GC or MCCGC. All operation parameters of AIMS-engine are fully adjustable by the user, making this instrument suitable for research in laboratories as well as for direct application in the industry. The robust and compact design, fast response and high sensitivity make our instrument excellent for work in hard conditions. We also offer tuning of AIMS-Engine for desired applications.

Main advantages of AIMS-Engine:
  • Operation in atmospheric or in sub-atmospheric pressure.
  • Highest resolving power and sensitivity.
  • Sophisticated sample inlet with standard 1/16” connector
  • Easy interface of GC, MCCGC, membrane inlet module or dopants modules,
  • Non-radioactive plasma ionization source with possibilities of selective reactant ions generation
  • Operation in positive and in negative polarity
  • Full control of all operation parameters (working pressure, temperature, drift and sample gas flow rate, drift field intensity, shutter grid pulse width, duty cycle and so on)
  • Detection of chemicals in gas – gas detector, solid and liquid phase - Solid analysis, liquid analysis, chemical analysis
ionic mobility control unit

AIMS - Control Unit

The AIMS control unit allows easy management of all operation parameters of AIMS - Engine. Two integrated thermostats enable the control of the temperature of AIMS drift tube and sample inlet in range from 30 to 120 0C. The high voltage modules integrated in the control unit enable to pre-set AIMS drift field intensity in the range from 160 to 620 V/cm in both polarities. The floating HV switch enables the control of Bradbury-Nielsen type of shutter grid in range from 5μs to 500μs with duty cycle 10 - 500ms.

The main advance of AIMS - Control unit is an integrated 16bit data acquisition card suitable for dense spectral data record. The dense data sampling in combination with fast preamplifier allows AIMS to reach the highest resolving and separation factor.

Operation parameters of AIMS-Control Unit:
  • 250V or 24V power supply
  • Two bipolar 15kV high voltage modules for control of AIMS drift field intensity and ionization source
  • Floating HV input/output for Bradbury-Nielsen shutter grid control
  • Bipolar output for aperture grid control (0 - +/- 150V)
  • 16bit data acquisition card
  • +/- 15V output for amplifier supply
  • + 12V output for compressor or small membrane pump
  • 5V TTL output for synchronization of accessories with AIMS duty cycle
  • TCP/IP connector for PC control and data recording

Double AIMS Control Unit

The Double AIMS Control Unit was developed for control of two AIMS engines. This unique control unit allow manage two AIMS instruments at the same time and also measurement in positive and negative polarity without the need of switching between polarities.

chemical analysis software

Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer AIMS – Control Software

For comfortable work with our advanced ion mobility spectrometer we developed a control software that offers full and intuitive control of our instrument. The AIMS control software is a part of each spectrometer. In addition we offer also the customization of our software for integration or synchronization with other instruments. The source code of our software is fully open and can be also modified by user.

  • Full and intuitive control of all Advanced IMS parameters
  • Advanced averaging mode
  • Data recording in drift time mode
  • Data recording in reduced mobility mode
  • Recording of time dependencies
  • LAN or WiFi Control
  • Suitable for Laptop, PC or Tablet
  • Windows XP/7/8/10 compatible
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