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Gas chromatograph detector

The Ion Mobility Spectrometer as a GC detector will give additional dimension to each GC. The best IMS parameters like resolving power, sensitivity and working temperature makes PAIMS best solution for interface to GC. The GC-IMS combination will improve the separation power of the instrument. The 2D output RetentionTime X IonMobility will give additional dimension to your GC. The MaSaTECH offering complete solution for Interface of our PAIMS to GC. The PAIMS offer Synchronization with GC start, 2D maps RetentionTime X IonMobility record, post process data analysis, identification, quantification and classification based on machine learning.

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ion mobility spectrometry gas chromatography

GC-IMS Olive Oil Analysis & Classification

The PAIMS interfaced to GC was used for analysis and classification of olive oil samples. The olive oil samples from Panel was used as reference. The olive oil samples was in 3 classes Extra Virgin, Virgin and Lampante. The recorded 2D spectra (Retention Time X Ion Mobility) was classified by MaSaTECH ChemoMetric software. We been able to reach 97.7% accuracy for classification of olive oil samples thanks to machine learning functions used in our software.

Olive oil Ion mobility Spectrometry
classification Olive oil

CASE STUDY: Using Ion Mobility Spectrometry to Determine the Origin of Wine

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